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We are New Life.
One church, many locations.
One family, many backgrounds.
One message, many stories.
But one cross, one gospel, and one God.

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    • ALL IN #2 - Shape Me, I Want to Grow

      Pastor Mark Jobe - God loves you just the way you are, but He refuses to leave you that way. He wants you to be just like Jesus. The goal of a disciple is to become like the teacher. There is an important sense in which every Christian must be a teacher, because we should all help disciple others. Teaching is the final step of learning. 09-18-16

    • ALL IN #1 - Come Follow

      Pastor Mark Jobe - Jesus has called those that follow him to be ALL IN. This means that we reject the commonly watered-down, self-centered view of Christianity. To be ALL IN means that we ask Jesus to be the Lord over every aspect of our life. We expect and allow God to transform our lives in order to become more like Him. When we are ALL IN life is no longer about our dreams and goals but our mission is to cooperate with God and lead others to Him. 09-12-16

    • Time to Grow Up

      Pastor Mark Jobe- As infants or children we are not equipped to take care of ourselves and that is understandable. As we grow it is expected that we show signs of maturity. In the same way we are also to grow spiritually. It is important to understand that we are equipped and empowered by God to serve in the church, to move from consumer to contributor and from spectator to participant. If our spiritual growth is stunted then its time to grow up. 09/04/16


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